woensdag 3 december 2008

MTC Storyboard

Client: Artbox
Animation: Urrebuk

This moving storyboard was made for a Russian Telecom provider MTC. Presumably this will be filmed for a life-action commercial.

Voedingscentrum commercial

Client: Bouwmeester van Leeuwen
Art director: Niels KienĂ©
Animation: Urrebuk
Composer: Harry Koopman

Commercial informing about the dangers of unhealthy food.

Ze hebben honger....

Client: Teleac
Character design: Willem Lagerwaard
Animation: Urrebuk
Year: 2008

For Dutch childrens television we made an animation about fungus taking over a household.

NS Highspeed

Client: Qi Ideas
Animation: Urrebuk
Year: 2008

Two animations for banners for Dutch railway company NS. 

dinsdag 2 december 2008


Op de valreep van 2008 heeft Urrebuk ook een eigen blog. Hier kun je terecht voor onze laatste produkties, later meer...